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    LPACTV: Franklin Roosevelt and Public Health


    by LaRouchePAC

    The current "health reform" proposal of President Obama comes no where close to the breakthrough healthcare policy that Roosevelt established in the 1940's. Furthermore, Obama's policy if not defeated will kill more people than the Nazi's did with their "health reform". There are much deeper issues that must be considered in crafting a successful Health Care policy today: the issue of immortality, making decisions based on the future. These were the kinds of issues Roosevelt had to confront PERSONALLY, in his near death experience with polio. In overcoming the limits of his mortality, Roosevelt was able to situate his identity in the long span of history, and think of policies like healthcare as security for the nation's posterity and a defense of the Constitution's general welfare principle, rather than today's cost cutting, frenzied President. So, the time has come to learn the lessons of Franklin Roosevelt's public health policy. Repeal HMO's and Revive the Hill-Burton standard!