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    "Gotta Get Mine" - Movie Trailer


    by BrooklynClassics

    Dallas Alexis directs "Gotta Get Mine" a Brooklyn based story about four friends who decide to snatch that American Dream by any means necessary. The crew feels like this world owes them something. So they devise a lucrative, but deadly plan to achieve it. On the road to obtaining their dreams, the grimy and the harsh reality of the Brooklyn streets, throws the crews plan for a deadly loop. Gotta Get Mine stars Roc-A-Fellas own Pain In Da Ass as Devon. One-half of the Hip-Hop super group Heltah Skeltah, Rock as Caesar. The UMA's 07' & 08 underground lyricists/artist of the year Sha Stimuli as Craig. Super MC , Tah Born gives a great performance as the ruthless Kao. Newcomers G.Steele and Torre Reigns also hold their own with this allstar cast, and give great performances . "Gotta Get Mine" is currently in post production and hasn't been given a release date yet.