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    Kinetic Stereokids - "Twisted Thoughts"

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    In this twisted tale, director/editor James R. Petix (It Came From Detroit, Tokyo Below) explores the idea that companies could implant product memory into the minds of consumers.

    The video opens with Kinetic Stereokids frontman Justin Ford arriving at a nondescript laboratory testing facility, by way of a cryptic message on the back of a business card. Ford is subjected to a series of experimental treatments by a suspicious-looking team of white coat lab technicians that begin to alter his memories.

    Petix’s use of non-linear storytelling and sharp visual style create an alternative reality that forces both Ford and the viewers to piece together the puzzle for themselves.

    Directed and Edited by James R. Petix
    Produced By Sarah Babila
    Camera, Motion Graphics and Design by Nick Forshee
    Color Correction by Rick Unger
    Props by Eddie Knappenburger
    Stages and Post Production services by RingSide Creative