LPACTV: Einstein and his Violin


by LaRouchePAC

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I laud the arrogance and ironic ignorance of the narrators. With such conviction in the way these words are spoke it is difficult to think they are not, in some small way, responsible for the perpetuation of ill will towards the institution of science or the classic arts. The obvious lack of understanding in the humanity of said group "type A" leads me to the conclusion that the responsible party for the collapse of scientific competence. The lack of value-proposition positioning does everything to wall off all but the few children taken in by a caring instructor for "expressing complex forms of creativity." This is no two-way mirror. The wall erected in these tender years of development, if not offset by a literal culturing of the "out side world", only serves to propagate this antiquated subculture. In returning to the afore mentioned "value proposition", there must be a defined gain for taking up the mantle of classical arts and science, in just understanding, in pride, of awe, etc.
By odd_sight5 years ago