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    Hermione - Walking through life unnoticed ( Anti-Bullying )

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    WARNING! Shocking clips.

    This video won third place in Paperflowers08's multi-fandom contest!!! Thank you so much!!

    I started this video like 5 months ago, so i'm really happy i finally finished it! =D It's a sad story based on stories of friend of mine and my own. My friend was bullied so bad that she tried to kill herself. I want to show you all what it can do to people sooo here it is.

    Hermione is bullied by different people, she is called names and that makes her miserable. In the end she noticed no one cares about her and that it was probably for the best if she just disappeared.
    There was one person who did care about her but never told her, till he thought it was the best to write a letter, he didn't know it was already too late.

    All credits to: emmade93

    Song: Ben moody & Anastacia - Everything Burns

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