Mariah Carey - Obsessed / NEW


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Mariah Carey - Obsessed / NEW

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This aint a diss song, THIS A REAL SONG. I be like Birdman, I rattle pop a bottle than a MODEL, U know D. Perignon, I yawn Yall chicks overrated like Photoshop, So Jigga Kill AutoTone, Im trying to make sexy ladies like Sofia Vegara and Megan Fox Kill Photoshop, I got My Angelina Jolies too. Adrian, drop the knight and step into the light, Swisssh Yeah its Like Water. Give Me some Kandi, no sweet tooth, but Azucar part of the food Pyramid. Yall Over do it, I keep it Fluid, Like Busta and Janet graphics, no need to be graphics, She in my face, She choosing, I already peeped her assets, So When She Cheesin, Im staring at the Pearly Whites, Like If he Slippin, Im the Same Ole G. Im not a homewrecker, But I got the tools to Pimp my ride withou asantis or chrome, I do it on the road, at you home, in Rome, In Greece, Then slide like Travolta, Swordfish, no catch and release, You are what you eat, now embrace this G. Im Older, Yall EN deep Ish, So GO FISH, NOT THE CRACKERS but the Salty
Par Rich Mundo il y a 5 ans
j kiffffffffffff
Par etoile dawla il y a 5 ans
c de la balle et mariah carey elle est trop belle
Par coueilles,alexis il y a 5 ans
DIVA *_*
Par Dessas2gackt il y a 5 ans
une pure chanson comme tjr mariah menbale je lador vivement lalbum et la fin jador
Par ayoub1303 il y a 5 ans