Rick Ross Feat Trina - Face / NEW


par PeteRock

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Rick Ross Feat Trina - Face / NEW

6 commentaires

o mec kesta? t pd ou koi?
Par Melo 666 Il y a 5 ans
hakodinho, tu devrais voir un film de boule avant de dire que ce clip est un film de boule ! Ou alors tu a une idée bien pré-conçue de ce qu'est le rap !
Par Toma Il y a 5 ans
We drop the cell phones, ol skool, you know two campbell soups, no wire, call it thread, 2 way connect, one sender one receiver, not stafford or johnson, them niggas in detriot lion(lyin), they fighting the white girl, we caressing Julia Stiles, Saving the last dance and we aint Bankhead bouncing, we Buckhead Romancing her. Don't take her too far out of her comfort, right off the water in Lil Cuba or Lil Haiti she feel at home, Palm trees and Water Reminiscient of Bogota, far from the lights of Barranquilla, The Smell of Tequilla keep her soft, Wey dey do it hard at? We no Menage, No Middleman or Liabilities, Straight all Black from the fit to the clique to the bank fit, not the 50/50 its the Major League Pits, New Era, New Logo, Yall Pogo Like Ga Ga, We Jump Back like the Miggidy Mack, cause inside out without paper is Wiggidy WIggidy Wack, Spat, Slap a Fly and Raid a Roach, No bugs but Plenty Mosquitos Call em Mossburgs, Like I was In FSU screaming Bring Me Moss, Touchdown, POW
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 5 ans
Yall follow crackers, I speak spanish and plot with them Africans, You know Seminola!!!!!! Call Me Bobby Bowden Moreno, With that URban Swagger and TEBOW SAGA, gotta save the day, the orphans, and the team. GIA GIA GIA, A I G no bail out, now sale out, NO SAIL OUT, CATCH ME ON THE YACHT, Just to sale it , cause I prevail them ITS, and THE ExTras, yall Forget who I AR? RA, Yall just MEN, keep sin, more than 1/10th, White boy traps look like cartoons, Its time for the DOOM no PS3 or Xbox, Remember me?
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 5 ans
Giiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Im outta Milan MUAH! Im getting Face like Sosa in the Movie Scarface, Whattup TONY, I told yall a long time NOt to fuck With UPTOP, But I be so tre O 5, Keep it ALIVe. Aint nothing Little About Duval FUCK BOYS. WHAT WHAT you Wanna Do about this or that, Strap for Strap, The Old Me Alive and Well Preserved like the Egyptians yall niggas Christians steady repentenin, Singing Songs Hoes Sing, One Lil Bite and Yall Start Stinging and Singing, Bitch I Been GOOD GATOR, GOlden LIKE THE CANES, What THey BRANG, Besides Candy CANES, We Listen To KanDI Sing, No LEMON HEAD DELIGHTS, WHEY DEY DO THAT AT? SO PIMPIN, Play ya ROLE AGAIN, YOU CANT break OR BEAT THE BANK, IM ON THE CAse LIKE THE 88 takeover, back in the ROVER, call it KATRINA, gotta a lil taste, TRICK DADDY, WHATTUP MAYOR, WE JUDGING THESE LAMES LIKE SONIA, we so Major they GOTTA SAY YA HONOR and JUSTICE, YALL JUST US, WE COLOMBIA< AFRICA
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 5 ans
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