Bangladesh - a colorful tribal life experience

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  • Add to Bangladesh - a colorful tribal life experience Our travel guide will tell you why Bangladesh is an excellent vacation destination. From the capital city Dhaka, to the wild Sundarbana, there is much to admire in this picturesque little country. Due to its size tourists to Bangladesh can see much of the country while vacationing there. Our travel guide will assist you in planning a vacation to cherish. It is recommended that visitors to Bangladesh visit Dhaka, the capital city, Chittagong, with its trade centre and huge international harbour, the leading beach resort, Cox’s Bazaar, and Rajshahi, famous for its silk. Visit Rangamati, to experience the traditional colourful tribal life of Bangladesh. You can also travel to Bongra, to visit and experience the antique Buddhist civilization. In the Sundarbans you can go on a boat ride to view monkeys, and its huge range of birds, which includes kingfishers and woodpeckers The people of Bangladesh are mostly Hindus and Muslims. Consult our travel guide for the spiritual celebrations in Bangladesh. The two most prominent festivals are Eid-ud-Fitr and Durga Puja: Eid-ul-Fitr, the most important Muslim holiday of the year, commemorates the ending of the sacred month of Ramadan. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a Muslim’s home for a sophisticated Eid-ul-Fitr banquet, you will be amazed at the focus placed on the tasty cuisine. The major Hindu Ceremony in the country is Durga Puja. This celebration lasts for many days and features daily events for its duration. Industry in Bangladesh centers on ready-made clothing, textiles, agricultural products, ship construction and fishing. Make an attempt to identify a good bargain on refined silk garments, of which there is plenty. The Bangladeshi’s are a very warm and sociable people who will come and speak to you just to show off their English! Place your food early, as it may take some time to prepare. The food in ...