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    Cambodia – mystical, magical and mysterious

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    898 views Cambodia – mystical, magical and mysterious For an adventurous holiday at an extraordinary destination, there can be no doubt that Cambodia should be your destination. There is more to Cambodia than meets the eye, with its ancient spiritual aura, and its air of mysticism. Although Cambodia has a poorly developed tourist infrastructure, a visit to this country, with its mystical religious links to other Asian countries, is well worth your while. As a first time visitor, you will be awe-struck at the colossal structures of the ancient Angkor Wat temples. This site is on the U.N. heritage list, and has been nominated for inclusion in the Seven Wonders of the World. Use our guide to help you fully discover Cambodia. To avoid being caught by the tropical sun, plan your vacation for the dry season, between November and February. In the dry season you will be able to take advantage of the Cambodian road system to travel the length and breadth of the country, taking in the sites, and marvelling at the ancient relics. If you had been considering Florida as a destination, you will be able to experience similar spirit reviving sun-drenched beaches in the fresh air of Cambodia’s main beach town, Sihanoukville. Other beaches worth visiting are Kompongchhnang and Kampot. The religion of most of Cambodia’s population is Theravada Buddhists. The ethnic division in Cambodia is 90% Khmer, with the majority of the remainder being Chinese. If luxurious accommodation while on vacation is your goal, forget about visiting Cambodia. Outside of the capital Phnomh Phen you will not get many creature comforts. On the other hand, if you never visit another country after Cambodia, you will not miss it. The Cambodians are a warm and friendly people; this nature combined with the local culture and the magic and mysticism will make Cambodia unforgettable. Apart from experiencing the many good hotels, and comfortable lifestyle of Phnomh ...