China – experience a spiritual and mystical journey

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  • Add to China – experience a spiritual and mystical journey Noodles and the Great Wall of China are perhaps the most common things that come to mind when we think of China. Some would go a step further and think of Chinese porcelain ware and crockery. Use our travel guide to help you discover everything about China. China, with its distinction of being home to more than a billion people, is also a land of several ancient cultures. The Great Wall of China was built over several centuries by various dynasties. The wall itself stands as testimony to ancient Chinese architecture, as parts of it have been built with mud and sand. In some places roots of trees and fibrous plants were used. In places the wall is wide enough to allow four heavy trucks to travel alongside each other. Chinese folk arts, dance, and music are inspiring to the mind and soul. If you have a passion for the ancient arts, you should consider China for your vacation. Your body and mind will find it totally refreshing to be in an entirely different but friendly culture. In China you will learn what Zen philosophy is, and you will get to see ancient institutes of culture, education and martial arts. A visit to China will definitely make you a more spiritual person, and it will expose you to values and knowledge that you never knew existed. China has come a long way from the bicycle country it once was. Today its industry and business houses dominate world trade, and it is rated as having the strongest economy after the U.S. For tourists, this means excellent travel infrastructure, and accommodation that is on a par with the best available in the Europe or U.S. tourists are welcome here, whether on business or on holiday. Ever since the Olympic Games were hosted in China, for which the Chinese government had spent billions of dollars on its infrastructure, travel to China has become very comfortable and memorable. All Chinese cities are culturally ...