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    Colombia – deep forests and diverse entertainment

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    63 views Colombia – deep forests and diverse entertainment Colombia is synonymous with drug cartels, the mafia, and gun running. Few would consider such a place for their vacation. This is the totally incorrect image that most people have of Colombia. From a tourist’s point of view Colombia scores over many other destinations with the wide variety of site seeing places it offers. From the deep Amazon forest to the exotic beach resorts, no other destination offers such diversity. Learn from our travel guide to make Colombia the place to be for your next vacation. Being correctly informed will help overcome any unnecessary safety doubts. So, unless express warnings are given by the government not to visit a particular country, you need not worry over details that do not matter to a tourist. Our travel guide will advise you on specially conducted tours to view the wild life in the dense forests of Colombia, or where to watch whales come to the surface, to take a deep breath before plunging to the depths of the ocean again. Adventurous visitors can stay in a jungle lodge, and test their mental strength and stamina by participating in many adventure sports. For the more adventurous tourist, trekking trips and canoeing trips are conducted in the deep Amazon forests of Colombia. If you are interested in underwater life, join a scuba diving trip. For those who think of fun filled nightlife as the best form of entertainment, Colombia is the place to be in the holiday season. You can actually see some of the old world in the colonial old town of Cartagena. The parquet Tayrona is a beach resort and a national park, which makes it an ideal setting in which to rest. The carnival celebrated in the month of January is renowned for bringing out the cultural values of Colombia. In Cali the salsa dance is very famous, and you can learn the steps in a couple of days. Food is good here, and you can get to eat many fruits that are not ...