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    Cyprus is a Simply Beautiful Travel Destination

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    47 views Cyprus is a Simply Beautiful Travel Destination The travel experience in Cyprus has been termed as perfect by tourists all over the world. The simplicity of the nature in Cyprus is too beautiful to be expressed in words. Cyprus has wonderful weather that can be enjoyed on its beautiful beaches, and the authentic local cuisine, are just some of the attractions which are quite easily affordable and can make your holiday in Cyprus a wonderful experience. Use our travel guide to make the most of your trip. A small island that is situated towards the eastern corners of the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is flanked on all sides by the three major continents namely Europe, Asia and Africa. This island has a large coastline and is decorated in golden beaches with sand that glistens in the sunlight almost throughout the year. Cyprus is the island where the Goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, emerged from the sea and made her way onto the island. Your stay in Cyprus will be a very relaxing and therapeutic experience with lots of sunshine and seawater, as well as tasty food and an exciting nightlife. These are just some of the reasons as to why Cyprus is a very popular holiday destination. The best time to visit Cyprus is during summer or during early autumn. Many people visit the island of Cyprus in order to celebrate Easter, and also to be a part of some of the most enjoyable traditional festivities. There are many old monuments and archaeological wonders that one must definitely see. Some of the important museums that one should visit in Cyprus are the Cyprus Museum, the National Struggle Museum, the Pierides Foundation Museum, The Leventis Municipal Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Kourion Museum, The ethnographic Museum of Cyprus, and the Folk Art Museum. The Medieval hall or the Kastelliotissa, the Chrysaliniotissa Crafts Centre, the Famagusta Gate, the Chrysaliniotissa Church, the Omeriye Mosque, ...