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  • Add to Germany is Famous for its good Old Fashioned Authentic Cuisine Germany is the perfect destination for the wandering traveler. A survey conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reveals that Germany is the hot favorite destination for travelers all over the world. Our travel guide contains all the necessary geographic information about Germany, and also points out all the famous tourist spots that you should visit in Germany. There are many ways to enjoy your stay in Germany. Many traditional carnivals and festivals are celebrated in Germany. There are also many museums and exhibitions, which are on display both inside buildings as well as in the open air. One of the largest and most famous holiday spots in Germany is the Black Forest. The Black Forest has many beautiful lakes and valleys and this is very satisfying to the ardent nature lover. There are also many vineyards in Germany, which conduct an open house viewing during the harvest season, and tourists should definitely make it a point to visit one such open house if they can. The Carnival in Rhineland is another compulsory item in the agenda of every visitor to Germany. Many processions take place in the streets during the carnival. Small children get to thrust their open bags up in the air and collect the many sweets and goodies that are thrown from the passing processions. A women’s carnival is also a part of this carnival, making it an event for the entire family. There are many places in Germany where people can go bike riding, trekking and exploring the scenic splendor of the countryside. There is a hiking club that is situated in Bremen, and keen hikers should definitely join it even if visiting Germany for just a short while. Germany is well connected by a rail network and also by roads. The air and water transport facilities are also very good. The authentic cuisine of Germany and the wide variety of drinks offered here are also ...