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    Guatemala has Volcanoes and Mayan Ruins for Tourists to ...

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    487 views Guatemala has Volcanoes and Mayan Ruins for Tourists to Explore If you are planning to make Guatemala your holiday destination this year, be prepared to absolutely enjoy yourself. Guatemala is an amazing place for relaxing and discovering enchanting new sights. You will surely be wanting to visit as many places as possible and do as much as you can while in Guatemala, even during a short trip, so make use of our guide to get all the details you need. It covers all of Guatemala’s chief attractions and more. Guatemala, in Central America, is a nation of unfeasible landscapes and astonishing innate splendours. It has huge volcanoes, forested mountains, and Mayan ruins. Several of the most interesting Mayan ruins are situated in Guatemala. Many Mayan locals still wear the multi colored traditional dress. Guatemala is an intriguing and mysterious place. Visit places such as Antigua, Panajachel and Chichicastenango, and take pleasure in viewing Lake Atitlan, Xela, and the Mayan ruin of Tikal. Guatemala has several inactive volcanoes, which you can climb up into the crater of, and possibly make arrangements to spend a night there, camping out under the stars. For those with even more energy, there are adventure sports and activities such as cycling, motorcycling, hiking, white water rafting, kayaking, beach combing, and fishing. The food and drink in Guatemala has strong Mayan and Spanish influences. A Guatemala breakfast will not be complete without a cup of superior Guatemalan coffee. Most Guatemalan meals comprise of corns, rice, beans, cheese and tortillas. Tourists are attracted by Guatemala’s sociable customs. It has many unique locations that attract tourists including smoking volcanic backdrops and dense rainforests populated with delightful wildlife. Although Guatemala is still developing, it has everything a tourist needs and desires. Teaching Spanish languages is big in Guatemala, so why not attend a ...