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    Jordan Lets you Relax or Escape and Float Away

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    121 views Jordan Lets you Relax or Escape and Float Away Jordan has become one of the most travelled to destinations since the Nabatean city of Petra became accessible to all tourists. There is something special for every person who comes to visit Jordan. Since Jordan is a fairly small country, exploring and traveling is a relatively simple task, and can be accomplished very easily. Our travel guide will help you make the best use of your time during your Jordanian trip. Your stay will be comfortable, and can be planned according to your budget. Petra, Wadi Rum, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, and the Roman Jerash are some of the main tourist attractions in Jordan. One of the oldest tourist attractions in the world is the Nabatean Petra. ‘Petra by night’ is an event that takes place three times a week, only at night. More than 2000 candles are lit during this event, to an accompaniment of Bedouin music. The Dead Sea has vast reserves of minerals and the salty waters of the lake make it possible to float; this is a very relaxing and de-stressing pastime. Many people have experienced this wonderful sensation. The Red Sea is a salt-water lake situated between Jordan and Israel and has a wealth of underwater life. There are many sporting activities in which you can take part when visiting Jordan. You may like to go trekking, cycling, camel riding or horse riding. People interested in rock climbing can visit the rocks of Wadi Rum. The traditional Jordanian dish Mansaf consists of lamb meat and rice. The weather in Jordan is dry for most part of the year, with spring and autumn being the best times to visit Jordan. Jordan has a very rich past, and a diverse culture. Our travel guide will give you the best travel advice for vacationing in Jordan.