So Little Love in The World

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One rainy afternoon at Union Station
As I sat alone and waited on my train
I overheard a lover's conversation
Laced with desperation and pain.

I heard a girl say when is your train leavin'
The schedule's blurry, something's in my eyes
I heard a boy say I'll just board it early
With a voice some lone drown out goodbye.

I thought there's so little love in the world
There's so little love in the world
With all of those millions of lonely boys and girls
Why is there so little love in the world.

I saw them walk together thro' the station
I saw the girl walk back alone her head held down
Her tremblin' lips the only indication
Of her losin' struggle not to cry.

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a great song by an amazing performer

So Little Love In The World is from Kenny's 1990 album Love Is Strange
A creative twist on the 'story song'. A seemingly simple love song but it is so nice. What's taking him away? Do they re-unite?
I always thought it could be a big hit for Kenny and have a very romantic video
There are several great songs on the album. Well worth purchasing

Kenny has been recording music for over 50 years - rockabilly/do wop/jazz vocal/big band/rock/folk/ psychedelic/country/pop/adult contemporary
Kenny has had a song/album hit the charts each of the last 6 decades, sold over 125 million units worldwide & among the biggest selling artists

Amazing songs/movies/photography/books/concerts/tv specials/charitable work & laughs
Kenny has touched so many hearts

A real superstar of music and under-appreciated by the music industry

KennyRogers Com

Thanks for sharing the video
By amanonajourney 5 years ago