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    Sharmell vs. Jenna


    by Diva-Lover--x

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    The bell rings and both ladies circle each other. Lock up and Sharmell hits a knee to the gut. Jenna blocks a right hand from Sharmell, but Sharmell grabs her and throws her down into the mat. Sharmell jumps on Jenna and gets in a few shots. Jenna hits the ropes and Sharmell takes her down. Sharmell with a cover and gets a two count. Sharmell takes the back of Jenna and applies a camel clutch. Jenna with a cross body on Sharmell that results in a two count. Sharmell starts slapping Jenna in the head a few times. Sharmell then stands on the hair of Jenna and lifts her up in the air. Jenna with a jawbreaker on Sharmell. Sojo Bolt then trips up Jenna when Jenna hits the ropes. Awesome Kong then chases after Bolt who gets into the ring and helps Sharmell put the boots to Jenna with the referee distracted. Sojo bails out of the ring and Sharmell covers Jenna getting a close two count. Sharmell is frustrated that she didn't get the win there. Sharmell with kicks to Jenna in the corner and then slaps her. Jenna then tackles Sharmell and starts choking her. Jenna stands up and reveals that she pulled out some of her hair. Sharmell charges at Jenna and accidentally takes out Sojo Bolt who comes flying off the ring to the mat below. Sharmell then yells at Kong to give her hair back who took it earlier from Jenna. Kong then teases she will give it back, but then punches Sharmell. Jenna then mounts and covers Sharmell to get the pinfall.

    Winner: Jenna

    After the match, Jenna orders Awesome Kong to put her up on her shoulders to celebrate her win. Kong puts her down and apparently Jenna wants her to do more. Kong refuses and Jenna slaps Kong a few times. Kong then throws Jenna down and hits a big splash. Kong then heads up the ramp staring down Jenna in the ring.