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    Tara vs. Angelina Love (Knockouts Title)


    by Diva-Lover--x

    watch in hq! Tara was in control to start, then Angelina begged for a time-out on the floor. Back in the ring, Tara hung Angelina up in the air by her hair extensions before hanging her upside down in the corner with the Tajiri's tarantula hold. Tara then blasted the BP's on the outside, but Angelina took control using the distraction. Tara made her comeback after a few minutes and landed a signature standing moonsault for a two count. Suddenly, Velvet accidentally sprayed Angelina in the eyes with the hairspray. Tara had a pin, but ref Slick Johnson was too busy with the BP's and Tara lost a pin attempt. Tara landed a sidewalk slam, but airballed on a top rope moonsault attempt. Angelina then made a cover and scored a three count, but Tara had her foot on the bottom rope. Ref Slick didn't see it, so he gave Tara the title.

    WINNER: Angelina Love (New Champion)

    *Unseen after the match* - Tara continues to argue with Ref Slick, then he turns his back on her, Tara grabs him and turns him round and hits him with a Shuffle Kick right to the face, then kicks Angelina and delievers the Widows Peak to her, she goes to put the trantula on Angelina when Velvet and Madison come running down the ramp and get her out of the ring by pulling her hands then Tara puts the Trantula on Ref Slick then he Screams for Posion to be removed, then it crawls right down his leg to Tara then he falls out of the ring then Tara's music blasts on :D