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Thanks to Shannon for helping me look through tons of pics to find the right ones as well as doing some photoshop work for me :)


Unbelievable. It felt like a personal loss when I saw this movie the first time. As much as it pains me - it feels like Rob is the one who dies. This video reinforces that feeling. Gah! I'm so proud of him. So so so SOOO proud.
By MsJBell 5 years ago
I can't remember the last time I cried watching a movie or a video for that matter. Well, I'm crying now. That's so sad, but at the same time so perfect. You've outdone yourself. This movie is going to kill me, but I'll be there opening day.
By imloco2 5 years ago
I remember when you showed me this! I cried so much. Very well done. The movie is going to be so good, but extremely sad/depressing.
By twilightbritneyfan 5 years ago
This video utterly destroyed me. FP, this is your masterpiece. Cried like a baby. I don't know how I'm going to make it through the movie. Thanks for letting me see this.
By froggie59 5 years ago
i had to compose myself so i could type this. that moved me so much, tears still streaming down my face. you are so talented, it is amazing.
By susanchicago 5 years ago
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