Meteor Garden 2: Episode 28 (3/5)

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wow... that was definitely one of the top MG moments ^o^ (the kiss, i mean...)

btw, for some reason, the scene with Lei and DMS... it reminds me of Devil and Angel - you know, one in red/black and one in white... and with the eerie red lights in the background
By Moontess 7 years ago
By keylin007 7 years ago
omg they kissed!! (if you call tat a kiss)...but vic is so hot!! they should stop the series rite now cause i want them to stay like tis...
By kikki_14 7 years ago
I am so so Glad that lei confessed!! I wanted DMS to see how stupid he's being so I'm glad he saw them kiss. Ha Ha Ha! But in the end I do want them to end up together but only after he realizes that he could loose Shancai to Lei at any moment if he doesn't do something soon^^
By dramajunkie 7 years ago
i know wer u can watch meteor garden 1.. in i like shancai with lei.. but i dont like daoming si with yesha... DMS go to someone not yesha plzz... dont u know that lei and shancai are really together in real life???
By Janeia Agcaoili 7 years ago