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    Otalia - Separate Live 1st Version (Phil Collins)

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    von Tinetty

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    It’s a AU storyline from Olivia’s POV. I hope the story explains itself, but a little hint can’t hurt I think:
    What if.....Olivia and Natalia did confess there feeling right before the WoD, but this time Natalia can’t deal with it and decides to marry Frank (‘cause he is a “good man” we’ve been reminded many times ;o). Ultimately Olivia leaves town..............there you go!!!!! be continued... (After I finished it, it just screamed: “Sequel!” So I guess there will be Part II!!!

    Thanks to VuDuLady and BPD for the HQ Clips. No Copyright Infringement Intended. All Clips Belong To Guiding Light And CBS.

    Music: “Kerri – Separate Lives” (instrumental) and “Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin – Separate Lives”


    (This one wasn’t suppose to be my 2nd vid. I have another one to a song that fits perfectly for this two lady’s almost ready, but I’m not quite happy with it. I have to think about it and eventually it will be what I want it to be.)