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    Optimizing A Website Through Proper SEO Can Pay Dividends Fo


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    Search engine optimisation is the art of gaining more visibility in the major search engines for certain keyphrases clients will use to find a business.

    The Job of an SEO (the term used for the professionals hired to do this job), is to find related phrases that potential customers are using to find a given website and through on-page and off-page factors, gain authority with the search engine(s) so that the website will appear high up the rankings and thus gain increased visibility.

    Lets Look at the two factors in more detail:-
    On page factors are recommendations that the client must make to the website so it is optimised for the desired keyphrases. These recommendations have a varied amount of importance in the eyes of the search engine.

    The Title tag – This is the most important factor in the eyes of the search engine. The ideal Title tag should be no more than 64 characters long. This is because Google will truncate anything after these characters and replace it with …. The title tag should be seen the headline of an advert.