FUNKED UP / FUNKED DOWN or What is a home production ?

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Music : Funked up funked down. Track 02 of my first album "Beyond the rock>>>>". It's an electro funk with 2 tempos. a slow and a fast one which is the double of the first. I had some fun to play with these 2 tempos which meet head on collision two times.
Video : All scenes are catched at home. It shows what is a musical autoproduction from the beginning to the end, from a guitar riff found on a sofa (it's always like that) to the reception of the final CD at home.
Enjoy !!!
B# July 2009

4 commentaires

Je n'aime pas les évidences, mais ici l'évidence est qu'I am funked !
I love being funked like that !

Beyond the rock, straight to >>>>
Par Kouini TheBest Il y a 6 ans
sympa j'aime bien !
Par Fabrice Il y a 6 ans
Yeah! Ca c du Home Prod! :)
Par Michel Rodrigues Il y a 6 ans
Trop bon quand tu branches l'ampli.
Real plugged funky rock !
Par cameraopoing Il y a 6 ans