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    M1-Abrams main battle tank

    Chris white

    by Chris white

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    N'empêche qui si il n'y avait pas les IED pour débarasser les guérieros des chars, on se demande comment ils feraient...
    By Quentin5 years ago
    Chris white
    @ califvol -

    Too bad the Insurgents dont have anti-tank mines, or I would have some... damn. lol
    You fail on such an epic level. What do mine even have to do with anything, dumbass? RPG-7, RPG-29 can rip an Abrams apart, so what else needs be proven here? The Abrams is the worst tank in modern service, period. Why don't YOU go back YOUR mom's basement.
    By Chris white6 years ago
    Nice try monkee boys. Any monkee plant enough explosives can blow anything up.. You got any pictures of a M-1 losing in a fight versus just a mine attack? Oh, thought not. Go back to your trees.
    By califvol6 years ago
    saloperies de bougniouls... C'est pour vous qu'on garde Auschwitz ouvert... ;)
    Chris white
    lol Don't be angry stark22 just because you'r bullshit propaganda has been put to rest by facts and real life combat ;]

    Abrams is a piece of fat shit lol
    By Chris white6 years ago
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