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  • Add to People all over the world associate Scotland with Whisky. This is because Whisky is the national drink in Scotland. The large number of tourist attractions all over Scotland consists mostly of the 1200 castles, churches and palaces. There are also many tourist centers for whisky, cooperage, and many textile mills where you can get the finest quality knitted garments. Any other country in the world cannot match the scenic beauty and landscapes of Scotland. Scotland is a good place to visit for people who are looking for an adventure holiday. Even people coming to Scotland for only a short visit can make the most of their trip with the help of our travel guide. Any visitor to Scotland should make sure that they visit the Scotland National Park. The Cairngorms, Loch Lomond, and the Trossachs should also be a compulsory part of the travel schedule. Most of the national parks in Scotland offer a variety of outdoor activities to all tourists. The best way to explore these national parks is to travel on a bicycle. There are also many outdoor activities which will make your adrenalin levels sky rocket. People can try many different kinds of water sports like canoeing, fishing, sailing, and even water skiing. There are many outdoor activities that can be tried in Scotland. Visitors can try snowboarding, canyoning, ice climbing, quad biking and kayaking. Golf was first played in Scotland and some of the oldest and most beautiful golf courses are found in Scotland. Tourists should definitely play golf when on vacation in Scotland. Scottish Langoustines, lobsters and oysters are food items famous all over the world. The shellfish found in Scotland is exported to France and Spain. The export of seafood from Scotland is a major source of revenue. There are many distilleries situated all over Scotland and many of them offer guided tours where visitors get to see how whisky is made and also get to taste it. Many different ...