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    300 views Senegal has vast reserves of palms and rainforests, and many sunny beaches, as well as interesting deserts. One can find more than 100 different types of tropical plants and flowers and it is understandable why Senegal is a country that derives most of its revenue from agriculture. Tourism is an industry that is developing very quickly in Senegal even though Senegal is not a very large country. You can undertake to see and do everything in just a relatively short while, and making use of our travel guide will ensure you get good value for money out of your trip. Most of the terrain in Senegal is sandy, like the rolling sandy plains of the Western Sahel. Dakar is the capital of Senegal and it is also the largest city in Senegal. There are many ethnographic and archaeological museums there. Many sandy beaches are popular, and one should definitely visit the zoological and forest park. The Dakar Grand Mosque, the Dakar Cathedral, Gorée Island, Saly portugal, the IFAN Museum of West African culture, and the Hann Park are some of the major tourist attractions in Dakar. Most of the beaches in Senegal are found in Casamance. People who enjoy hiking will love the hiking trails. People who are interested in adventure sports will find a whole range of adventurous activities available to do like water-skiing, jet skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling, and scuba diving. Some people view a trip to Senegal as a religious pilgrimage. These people will best benefit from planning to arrive in Senegal at the same time that religious festivals take place. Moulid an-Nabi, which is the birthday of Mohammed the Prophet, is celebrated in the months of June or July. The celebrations for Ramadan take place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and anyone who wants to be a part of it should make sure that they are in Senegal during this time. The Grand Magal Pilgrimage is yet another grand religious ...