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    Travel to Italy

    Is your mind on pasta, ice cream, cheese, wine and ham, architecture, adventure, and Leonardo da Vinci? If so, you need our travel guide for Italy, to help you plan your next vacation.

    The names of the Italian cities that you will want to visit are Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, and Siena. Include Sardinia, Portofino, and the Amalfi Coast. The Tigullio Gulf should not be excluded.

    With a history of over 2000 years, Rome could keep you that busy that you wont need to go anywhere else while on vacation. Within the Vatican City, in Rome, is St. Peters Square, which is usually open to the public.

    Get to beautiful old Venice, and browse around in the many museums and shops. While there, take in lunch at one of the many Hotels.

    While in Milan, take in a theatre performance, go to the cinema, and partake in a sumptuous meal at one of the many restaurants.

    The largest range of dairy products in Italy comes from the Gulf of Sicily, and the famous annual Aria di festa, a celebration devoted to ham, is held in San Daniele at the end of every August. Italy has a tradition of diverse delicacies, with the Italian creativity coming to the fore with their cheeses, hams, wines and oils, and not forgetting their vinegar and oil based vegetable sauces.

    Italy has many climatic conditions. If you enjoy aquatic activities, pick the best time to explore the many islands, beaches, rivers, and waterways in Italy.

    Due to the wide variety Italy offers, you will need to consult our travel guide. Our travel guide will help you plan your vacation in Italy to see and do as much as possible, with a sound program, and objectives that satisfy all the members of your family.