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    Spain has great art collections and fancy bulls and dancers

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    Travel to Spain

    Tourism in Spain is now almost synonymous with tourism in Ibiza. Now, Spain is more than just a place of skilful bullfights, colourful flamenco dancers, and sunny beaches.

    Our travel guide is available to offer help in providing you some valuable travel information about Spain. Every tourist expects something different from a trip. You can count on us to help you make sure your trip to Spain will be a very special one.

    The two major cities of Spain are Madrid (the capital city), and Barcelona.

    Other premier tourist attractions are: Museo del Prado, for the best art collections in the world; Donana National Park for wildlife viewing; and Bilbao, for its Guggenheim museum that houses the work of all the famous twentieth century artists, including Picasso and Rothko.

    Spectacular events and festivals are a year-round feature in Spain, and they are all a photographers delight. The most famous and exciting ones are: Fiestas de Las Fallas, Semana Santa and Sevilles Feria de Abril, Fiesta de San Fermin, and Murcia Tres Culturas International Festival.

    Spanish cuisine is light and comprises mainly of an assortment of different vegetables and meat. One thing unique about the cuisine in Spain is tapas, which is a variety of appetizers and is available everywhere in Spain. Drinks, mostly wines, usually accompany them. Spain has a good collection of wines. Cava (sparkling wine) is very popular. Famous among Spaniards is Sangria, a red wine based cocktail.

    The best seasons to travel to Spain are spring and autumn, with spring being particularly favored because of it being the time that most festivals are held. Unless you like feeling a bit crowded, avoid going in the summer months of July and August.

    If you are looking for a special destination this holiday, Spain will certainly prove fulfilling. Use our guide to ensure it.