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    60 Years of NATO - Basement Commercial


    by trustcollective


    Crossroads director Nico Beyer in collaboration with Scholz & Friends European Office has just released a trio of stirring :45s for NATO that underscores the military alliance's effectiveness at maintaining international peace, security and stability. Each of the three spots begins with an ominous montage showing what appear to be panicked citizens caught up in a terrifying war zone. The scenes then expands to show the characters enjoying the everyday joys of a peaceful, prosperous society, underscoring the role that NATO plays in keeping the world safe.

    Crossroads EP Michael Fekete notes, "These are powerful spots which further add to Nico's dynamic body of work. His ability to create and capture strong visual imagery, combined with a talent for dramatic story telling, fuse these NATO spots into an effective, and impressive message campaign...I was blown away when I saw the finished product."

    In Basement, a swirl of bodies collide in a dank space amidst a backdrop of screaming and chaos. The fatigued crowd looks bewildered and exhausted, suggesting that the mob is caught up in a horrific scenario. The camera then pans out to show a deejay spinning records, revealing the scene as a subterranean night club packed with partying, exuberant youth.

    "The trick here was to create the illusion of chaos within the context of what turns out to be a peaceful scene," stated Beyer. "We had to pull together the perfect combination of sound, lighting, angles, and character to create this mirage, but luckily we had the creative talent to pull it off. The campaign is really a great idea; a perfect example of the power that can be packed into the framework of a traditional :30."

    The "60 Years of NATO" campaign will be broadcast throughout all NATO countries, and online at

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