Crete is a hidden treasure just waiting to be dug up

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Travel to Crete

Crete is one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations. The thousands of visitors who visit these sites each year, essentially to see the archeological finds that are unique to Crete, is evidence of this.

Crete is charming in many ways, and our travel guide will help you not miss experiencing any of the charms to be found. Think of our guide as a treasure map enabling you to enrich yourself with the jewels found in Crete. This season come and discover this fascinating Greek island, making use of the information in our travel guides.

As the home of the Minoan civilization, Crete has great historical significance. Visiting archaeological sites such as Knossos, (according to tradition, it was the seat of the legendary king Minos), Phaistos and Gortys will impress travellers of all ages.

Crete is divided into four areas: Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, and Lasithi. All of these towns and villages are ideal for touring, as they all have hidden beauty, and significant sites to see.

Use our guide to experience the best of Crete's music and dance traditions, the tiny sandy coves of Bali, water sports, and a great nightlife drinking and dancing on this Greek island is just the thing to help you forget your worries. Have the time of your life drinking raki, a popular Cretan grape spirit.

Crete's culture is full of festivals. Summer time is the perfect time to visit and enjoy most of these festivals including the Chania's Summer Festival and the Heraklion Summer Festival.

Olive oil is one of the most important elements of the Cretan civilization. You can buy award winning extra virgin olive oil to take back home. It would make a great gift for your family and friends, or use it yourself, and when you do, enjoy remembering the fantastic time you had in Crete.


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