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    Egypt has pyramids and ancient cultures that will amaze you

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    Travel to Egypt

    Do pyramids and ancient civilizations mesmerize you? Do you daydream of a sun-drenched beach and an aquatic paradise? In Egypt you will have more fun and adventure than you can ever imagine.

    Our travel guide will help you discover this country that is steeped in the past. Our travel guides provide expert information about the history and modern life of Egypt, allowing travellers to experience a journey that is satisfying in every way. Use our guide, and be overwhelmed by the beauty and grandeur of this ancient land.

    Archaeology is one of the main reasons why tourists plan to travel to Egypt. The tombs of the pharaohs, the pyramids, and above all, the Sphinx fascinate travellers.

    Cairo, the capital city, is also popularly known as the City of the Thousand Minarets. Visit the Antiquities Museum, the massive Citadel, and the Khan Al-Khalili bazaar.

    Do try a camel ride at the pyramids, and see if youre brave enough to outstare the Sphinx. Its an experience of a lifetime.

    Prepare to take a Nile River cruise at any time other than mid April when the water level is too low. Take advantage of this cruise to take a peek into Egyptian village life. It can be a memorable experience.

    Indulge yourself at the seaside in the aquatic paradise of the Red Sea, or discover the magnificent Sinai desert and other untamed mysterious Egyptian deserts where you might find an ageless oasis if you get thirsty enough!

    Our aim is to make it possible for everyone who visits Egypt to have a holiday where both ancient and modern establishments are seen. Our informative travel guides will help you explore the magic and antiquity of ancient Egypt.