WOW GameCard Generator Working: 27 february 2011 **UPDATED**

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Important - Read Below* Updated 27 february 2011

GameCard Generator Download:

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This is the only up to date GC Generator (4th July 2009)! Many have tried and written, proven it works! Blizzard shut our other video down again. They won't stop us though.

**** All PMs asking for a gamecard will be ignored. Don't even try ***

You will be emailed back your original key + three more new keys. Your key does not get burned it will still be usable but do not use it until you are emailed back your keys otherwise it will generate burned keys.
Be sure to check your spam folder also, because we send hundreds of keys daily and I think we started to be seen as spam.

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try --> or
Por guifreerdosu1987 em Outubro
If anyone seeks a reliable way of getting free Game Cards check out this website:

It just gave me those (EU):
Por LandroLorenzo Há 3 anos
can sum 1 give me a code of an unused gamecard??
i live in the philippines and they dont sell gamecards here in gen.san
my gametime just expired and i REALLY want to keep playing.
email me at
Por satanazzz Há 5 anos