"Emergency News" (30-minute edition) 2/3

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Ted Huntington
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"This is an emergency news broadcast, I repeat this is an emergency news broadcast..." And with those words, we are off onto an exciting adventure as Ted Huntington explains over 30 of the best kept secrets of the 20th century. The news was never this honest, and the paid for propaganda and pabulum spewed from the national media companies never looked so dull and dishonest. Huntington starts with small emergency news items and quickly builds to a mind blowing level as each news item gets closer and closer to the center of evil secrecy. JFK, RFK, Michael Pupin, laser guns, sending thoughts, moving muscles from remote like Galvani did so long ago, like transmutation of atoms, and many other secret truths. The truth about sex, Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, Andre Maurois, the drug war, prostitution, nudity, full democracy where the public votes directly, freedom of information, stopping violence, freeing the nonviolent. Beware if you are a person that does not enjoy intellectual stimulation or controversial ideas, because much of the information in this DVD will shock and stimulate even the most knowledgeable human. Where do we go from here? What can we do to educate and inform the public? Can we reach the public with the truth in time to save our own lives from those who want to keep the truth secret by using violence? "This ends this emergency news message, please copy and distribute this video freely, there is no copyright on this video..."