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    Petz Wild Animals : Tigerz

    Magic Pockets

    par Magic Pockets

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    Petz Wild Animals : Tigerz
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    Developed by Magic Pockets for Ubisoft

    Released February 26, 2008

    Enter a thrilling game where you care for magnificent tigers and other wild animals, and step into new adventures. You’ll be rewarded for training and raising endangered species, both at home and around the world, in Petz Wild Animals Tigerz. Play as Enzo and Ana, inexperienced animal trainers who are given two endangered baby tigers. Can you keep the tigers healthy and happy while saving the family training business from bankruptcy - Pull it off and you might find yourself flying around the world to help trainers with their star animals! But that’s not all -- you’ll create your own endangered animal reserve, perform in dazzling shows and more." [Ubisoft]