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    Motherboard - The Virtusphere


    by VBS.TV

    WATCH MORE AT: Except for lasers, no future technology has fallen as tragically short of society's expectations as virtual reality. While the media promised us a limitless array of holodecks and BCIs and full-body simulations to divert the masses' attention from their own dismal fealty to the corporate-cyborgian over-state, all we ended up with were clunky, 8-bit goggles that ruined your neck and The Sims. Fortunately while the rest of us were griping about blowing $15 for three minutes of geometric-induced nausea at Dave & Busters, a pair of Russian brothers were holed up in their lab actually doing something about the situation. The Virtusphere is glorious result of their decades-long attempt to push VR forward. You still have to wear the goggles and headphones, but this time you're in a giant, human-sized hamster ball that rolls in place. Also, they're this close to locking down smell. WATCH MORE AT: