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This is a birthday present for someone who's been very important in my Life.
On the day we met, I was listening to this song, not knowing that I would feel the same way everytime someone would mention her lovely name.
Life expressed all its magic when our paths crossed. I'm forever grateful for that everlasting moment. The Journey has been magical ever since.
Happy Birthday Angelica.

7 commentaires

Thank you so much for your kind words guys, I really appreciate. Take Care
Par In Between The Band L'année dernière
Outstanding. I actually enjoyed this more than Chris Rea's original. Very well done.
Par Andy Morgan L'année dernière
Very Heartfelt rendition.......You can hear the love for this women in your voice brother.......good job. "Oh, and thank you for sharing your heart with us".
Par tomr4868 Il y a 5 ans
bravo !!!!
moi jvien de publier du acdc la ^^
alé a+
Par VanAlexx Il y a 5 ans
et oui la musique est un peu le BO de notre vie ;)
très beau ... Merci pour l'instant partagé
Par karinettes Il y a 6 ans
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