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    Ultra Kawaii - Best Pets of June!


    by ultrakawaii

    The first of our monthly viewer pets round-up! There were a lot of great submissions in the month of June. Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, and Bearded Dragons! Not every submissions could make it into the show, but here are some of our favorites. Thanks to all the pets and owners who contributed to the episode: Milo, Stella, Jack, Lulu, Shugo, Chocolate & Brownie, Pancho, Mumay, Tiki, Ming Ming, Riray, Dolly, Bonden, Speck, Oliver, Chopper, Tubby, Furby, Bella, Eperke, Eddie, Cindy, Kitty, Stella and Helgo, Phoebe and Monty, Miko, Jojo, Daisy, Grumpy, Indy, Otis, Mira, Psgetti, Boston, Butters, Chibi, Malisa, Molly, Hana-san, Pudgey, Pepi, Chomper, Diesel, Angel, Azha, Pao-Pao, Sadie, Fluffy, Goober, Haku, Hapie, Novi & Kitty, Hendrix, Lemons, Perpetua, QQ, Camilita, Wonder, and Seether