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    Willard's Arrow

    Claire Marie Vogel

    by Claire Marie Vogel

    This was my very first attempt at a short film. I made this in 2007 for a film class at OCC.

    Willard's Arrow is a story about Clayton, a shy dude who just wants to learn the ways of magic. His nemesis, Brett Wolf, also considers himself a magician, but uses it for attention and power instead of entertainment. When Clayton meets Pieper she urges him to show Brett what a real magician is made of by performing in the school talent show. Brett does not like the thought of being showed up and suggests Clayton to a duel when he hears that Clayton will be attempting a very dangerous trick for his final act. This trick (named after the magician Willard the Great) killed Williard when he attempted it and left his daughter Pieper to shy away from magic until she met Clayton who brought out her excitment for the art once again. Will Clayton survive the trick? Will Brett sabatoge Clayton in attempt to win the talent show? Will Pieper learn to love magic again? Will you watch the movie already?