Swine Flu Lie


by dajagreen

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Merci pour la video ! ;) ,,,.........
By Cutegirl58 4 years ago
Please explain to me why you aren't famous yet? btw check out my pics!! :-)
By angelbaby11 5 years ago
Today, a 7 year old child just died here because of the injection. This is just one of the many complications reported since months ago after starting mass vaccination in Taiwan. I have always been suspicious of this vaccine and the motives behind why they impose it on people. Glad that I am correct in refusing it for myself and my whole family. It seems that there are more complications from this vaccine than death or disability from the flu itself. If anyone thinks that this concern is just an over reaction, better wake up to know why most doctors elected not to have their family vaccinated, at least in my country.
By Anyutsai 6 years ago
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By poppythesmallcat 6 years ago
This is a great video listen to how the media was used to create a fake epidemic. Dose anyone know if Judy Roberts is still alive?
By wearechangeskane 6 years ago
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