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My tribute to Smackdown! Here Comes The Pain. I wanted to present the game's roster and show a bit of its hardcoreness. Thanx to i used hacks, notably to get 12 tables. But, i don't think spamming big moves through a lot of tables is a good thing. That's why you'll see a more worked and basic video, with synchronization. There are no edits. And I spent 2 months making this one, so i hope you mofos will appreciate.

The song is "Rise Today", by Alter Bridge.
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4 commentaires

Pas faux sa nique tout :p (et tes vidéos)
Par Alexandre il y a 5 ans
Definitely my favourite of the Smackdown series. Great Roster, balanced gameplay and match types, and playing Smackdown difficulty with a turbo fire pad was always one of my highlights of the game
Par Stephen Muckle il y a 5 ans
5/5 Really cool video with perfect timing. HCTP Forever!
Par ZeroAbsolute11 il y a 5 ans
good work man i love it
Par Jason-619 il y a 5 ans