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    Tweet Adder - How To Build A Bulletproof List On AutoPilot

    William Bryant

    by William Bryant

    1 046 views Tweet Adder is a powerful twitter follow adder unfollow message @reply tweet update you name it does it on complete autopilot! seriously it's one of those set it and forget it programs. You can easily use Tweet Adder to set up a VERY Targeted list of followers to add. Automatically set the correct intervals so you don't get banned. Unfollow to stay within twitter ratio guidelines. And the tool Tweet Adder will also allow you to update your twitter status at regular intervals, send @replies to people, direct messages; even segment those messages to specific people. Following trends on twitter is a breeze with Tweet adder because it gives you the latest trends right in the tool. AND my FAVORITE part is the ability to do all this totally automatic everyday without ever touching it. You could set Tweet Adder to run the automation program everyday at a certain time and not touch it for months. That's powerful. So grab your free trial of Tweet Adder today so you can get your twitter list growing like gangbusters! Go to my blog to download the free trial version. The program's cheap after the trial, but download the trial to make sure you like it. Here's the link: Thanks guys, Have an awesome following! William Bryant