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    Bob Garon's Quikie Rounds of 3

    Bob Garon

    by Bob Garon

    117 views I decided to do 3 Quickie Rounds of 2 bodyweight movements each. The first was Spiderman Pushups & Jumping Jacks. The second was Squats & Jumping High Knees. Then I performed Tabata Swim Sprints with my Stationary Swim tether. The workout was a pretty good one since I'm still getting over feeling run down from this past weekend's cold. Watch for the part in the middle of the vid that I show you where I hurt my big toe. It's kinda gross. LOL Give these a shot and tell me in the comments what you thought. Thanks for watching! Oh and to see more vids go to my Youtube page: My website is cool too: Twitter: Facebook: