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    Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys - Tomorrow Is Another Day


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    This is a pseudonym for Ed Kirkeby. Kirkeby, who is probably best-remembered for being Fats Waller's manager, had a multifaceted and productive life. In 1916 he became a salesman at Columbia Records, and the following year he was promoted to assistant recording manager. Kirkeby recorded some of the first jazz at Columbia and in 1920 helped organize the California Ramblers. Within a year, the band was recording regularly and it would be one of the most prolific outfits of the 1920's. Kirkeby started singing on their records in September of 1926. A few months later Kirkeby (using the pseudonym of Ted Wallace) became a leader on a series of records usually utilizing personnel from the Ramblers. After the Ramblers declined, Kirkeby put a greater focus on his own recordings, recording under such names as Ted Wallace, Ed Kirkeby Wallace, Eddie Lloyd and Eddie Loyd. During 1930-32, Kirkeby directed a countless number of studio sessions for ARC although he largely stopped after July 1932. He then spent a couple years managing the Pickens Sisters. In 1935 he became an A&R person at Victor and, on four sessions with a revived version of the California Ramblers, Kirkeby took some vocals. He also sang on some transcriptions by the Joe Haymes Orchestra and appeared on a final date by Ted Wallace in 1936. In 1938, Kirkeby left Victor and joined the band booking department of NBC. Soon afterward he became Fats Waller's manager, staying with him until his death in 1943. As Fats Waller's manager he also acted as his archivist building a collection which is held today by the Institute of Jazz Studies. After Waller's death in 1943 Kirkeby remained active managing many other groups and musicians (including the Deep River Boys and Pat Flowers) through 1977. This lovely record was made in 1930 and personnel comprised Ed Kirkeby (v) dir. Jack Purvis-E. Osborne (t), Carl Loeffler (tb), Bobby Davis (cl,as), Elmer Feldkamp (cl,as,v), Paul Mason (ts), Lew Cobey (p), Ed Sexton (gtr), Ward Lay (sb), Jack Powers (d).