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    Kaptan Jungteerapanich from Thailand travelled Europe for two months. His last stop was Heidelberg,which is where we joined him for a day out.
    The Old Centre and the castle

    Heidelberg is home to over 140 thousand residents and was first mentioned in 1196. We vist the old centre with its quaint narrow streets and head for the castle high above the town. It was an official residence for five hundred years and is one of the leading examples of German renaissance architecture.
    The University
    Heidelberg has the oldest Ununiversity in Germany. Nearly 30,000 students attend the university today. It was founded 1386. Vistors can see what was once a prison for rowdy students.
    Heading up to the Königstuhl
    You can take a train up to the Königstuhl which offers fantastic views of the churches,the whole town,the river Neckar,the old bridge,almost everything. Kaptan Jungteerapanich says he likes this place a lot. It feels so great to be up here,where everything is so far away. Everything is so small and all your troubles are far away.