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    PIONEER CDJ-400 Native Control for Serato Scratch LIVE Demo


    by agiprodj

    701 views 866-PRO-MIXX (776-6499) DJ Ty shows us more Native Control on Serato Scratch LIVE using the Pioneer CDJ-400. Native control for Serato Scratch LIVE means - NO TIMECODE! You connect your controller to the computer with a USB cable and you no longer have to use timecode. You still must use some type of Scratch LIVE hardware - SL1, SL3, MP4 or TTM57SL. You get 2 direction communication between the Pioneer CDJ-400 and Serato Scratch LIVE. This shows track info on the CDJ-400 screen, plus BPM and you can use the loop in or out buttons to set loops on the fly - there's a visual representation on the computer screen of the loop you just set on the hardware - something that could only be done before with the mouse, keyboard or a MIDI controller, recently. Instant Message, email or call us toll free for more info!