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    What's The #1 Mistake One Makes With Employment Agreements?


    by legalfaces

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    Video Transcript:

    The number one mistake someone makes when it comes to employment agreements is first not reading it themselves and secondly not having it reviewed by an attorney so that they fully understand every aspect of the agreement. I find that many employees are so excited when they first get a job that they shove aside the agreement and sign it without thinking about it, assuming that everything would be fine with their employment, and when it comes to their compensation at the end of the year, or when it comes to a situation that results in a separation of the employment. They are shocked to learn about how limited their rights are in the different respects pursuant to the agreementthat they sign five years. My name is Walker Harnett, I'm the managing attorney of the Harmon Firm, if you believe you've been the victim of illegal employment discrimination. We are eager to speak with you, please give us a call.