tribute for eric david harris and dylan bennet klebold


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Why the fuck would you aggrandize their actions? I mean, clearly it's a testament to your ignorance and mental state / instability. But do you realise how deranged your actions (and a few comments below) are?

My girlfriend died that day in my arms because of these pindick cowards. They even shot themselves like pussies. I'm not a religious man, but part of me hopes that there's a hell for them to be roasting in it.

You're a fuckwit. And I fucking challenge you to hero worship these sadistic little no friend lamers in front of ANYONE who lost someone that day. There's a reason no one fucking liked them, and it wasn't because they were 'weird,' it's because they were massive fucking aggressive cocks to all and sundry.

I hope you get cancer and die. Hang yourself, bitch.
Por BaSH PR0MPT Hace 2 años
R.I.P both
Por saareb Hace 3 años
A chier.
Por Kasoc Hace 5 años
"A tribute? Why?? After everything they did after all thier actions.... why a tribute."

shut the fuck up please !! we don't give a fuck what you say ;)
Por rvd62 Hace 6 años
That's an awesome video!!!
so beautiful 5*
Por Michi Hace 6 años