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    Dol Dauber und sein Orchester - Wir Ladies aus Amerika


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    Adolf (Dol) Dauber was well-known as composer, arranger and director of the Dol Dauber Salon Orchestra in the 1920s. Adolf Dauber (1894-1950) was very famous in Czechoslovakia and Austria prior to World War II. He used the stage name Dol or Dolfi as derived from his first name. He was best known for his dance and jazz band arrangements. During the war, Dauber and his wife were somehow spared from being deported to a concentration camp. But in 1943, Dauber's son Robert was sent to Theresienstadt. During a visit to Prague, Hitler requested that Dauber play in the presence. Dauber stated that he would do so if his son were released. His request was refused. Later, Robert was sent to Dachau, where he was killed in 1945. Dauber's rapid professional decline after the war and his relatively early death in 1950 may be linked to his depression over the loss of his son. This outstanding record was made in 1928. It features an interesting dance band version of an excerpt from Imre Kálmán’s operetta The Duchess Of Chicago. The vocalist remained uncredited.