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    California's Broke, But You Shouldn't Be

    Tish Washington

    by Tish Washington

    16 views California and several other states are broke, but you don't have to be. If you were issued an IOU instead of a paycheck I want you to call me. Visit my site, watch the presentation, call me Tish Washington, 626-945-5987 if you have any questions. Per Yahoo News Article — State employees will be forced to take another day of unpaid leave a month, in addition to the two days leave they were forced to take starting in December. (NYT) California, which faces a deficit that could top $24.3 billion, may have to issue about $3 billion worth of promissory notes this month to state contractors, college students and taxpayers owed refunds unless there is a budget-balancing agreement. Atlanta, Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Connecticut, Missouri, Maryland, are all in the same boat as California. You can work ReGenesis2x2 nation wide. Live blessed, not broke.