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    Chasing SP 4449 [Portland, OR to Maryhill, WA]

    Jordan DeCloedt

    by Jordan DeCloedt

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    Here is part of the first leg of the SP 4449's trip to TrainFest 2009 in Owosso, Michagin; a fantastic cross-country trip!

    At 8 AM, the Daylight departs Portland's Union Station, dead set for it's trip to Washington, through the Gorge, and ending it's first leg of her trip in Spokane, WA. I (or, alteast tried my best to...) followed her along her way to her first service stop at Wishram, WA. I managed to stop at Washougal, WA to catch her running by another time after Portland, OR.

    After the run by in Washougal, it was quite hard to catch up with her after that. I was able to see her a few times again long Highway 14, but that was about it.

    After her service stop at Wishram, I headed up a few miles with a couple friends of mine to Maryhill, WA, where I captured the 4449's running by one last time.

    This was a great chase!

    Special thanks to Sue DeCloedt and Jeff Davis.